Characterization of Biofilm production in XDR Proteus mirabilis isolated from Baghdad city hospitals

Rawa Abdul Redha Aziz, Elaf Sameer Mohameed


Objective(s): P. mirabilis is considered as extensive drug resistant pathogen in many studies as it can resist complex antibiotic regimes, such pathogen can be threat to public health, especially when it has the ability to produce biofilm. Therefore, biofilm production was characterized among XDR P. mirabilis local isolates in this research.

Material and Methods: 100 P. mirabilis isolated from wound infections from patients admitted to Baghdad hospitals. They were identified using biochemical test and Vitek2 system. The MIC test for antibiotic sensitivity was done by Vitek 2 automated system. Biofilm production was identified phenotypically by twitching motility test, scanning electron microscope, and microtiter plate assay.

Results: It could be revealed that 8/100 isolates were MDR, 90/100 isolates were XDR and pan drug resistance level was shown in only two isolates. 80% of isolates had motile ability through twitching assay, and scan electron microscope study revealed that 76% of XDR isolates could produce different stages of biofilm on coverslip placed in MacConkey broth. Microtiter plate assay revealed 81% of XDR isolates were biofilm producers.

Conclusion: it could be concluded that extensive drug resistant P. mirabilis can produce biofilm hence resist several important antibiotics; making treatment of infection among wounded patients is such a challenge in many hospitals in Baghdad. 

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