Comparative histophysiological study the effective treatment of induced eczema in rats that treated with Lanolin and glycerine with Vaseline in rats

Dher Muhyaddin Taher Al-Haidary, Mohammad Taha Naqi


The present study has been designed to evaluate the potent role of healing efficacy of lanolin (which is also called wool wax), is an oily product secreted by the sebaceous glands beneath the skin of sheep which is have anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, skin protecting properties, a forty-eight mature albino rats (weighted 250-350 g) were randomly assigned to two groups; control group and eczema group which is induced by 99.9% pure acetone. By squad cotton and put it on shaved skin, after 3 days of acetone application the eczema group were divided randomly into two equal groups each group 16 rats, treat these 32 rats with glycerin and lanolin, after 24h five rats from each group were sacrificed, and remaining rats were treated with glycerin and lanolin for 72h and then sacrificed at the third day, the histopathology there is a lot of histopathological changes occur in tissue section in eczematous skin in comparison with control section; there were obvious thickness and enlargement in the length of outermost layer of skin, also there is fissures and cracks in the epidermal layer due to the dryness of skin and aggregation of inflammatory cells. And as well as keratinization of epithelial layer and changes in skin color, the results indicate there were optimum healing effect of lanolin group in compare with glycerin group after 72h, Showed back the outer most layer of the skin to its normal length, also decrease in inflammatory cells number.

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