Isolation and molecular characterization of staphylococcus aureus isolated from clinical cases in broilers

Anas E. Almousawi, Abdullah O. Alhatami


: the isolation rate of S. aureus from the broilers' clinical samples was 37.7%. The antibiotic susceptibility test revealed that 85% of S. aureus isolates were resistant to one or more of the antibiotic tested. All 53 isolates were assessed for the presence of mecA and mecC genes by using PCR. The mecA gene-specific PCR product was seen in 7 (35%) isolates and considered as MRSA. Among all S. aureus isolates, two isolates were positive for the eta gene, and 15 (75%) isolates harboring integron class 1, while the biofilm formation test revealed that 7 (35%) was positive biofilm producers and three of them were strong producers, consequentlly, 13 (65%) of the isolates were resisted to three or more antibiotics and considered as MDR strains. While pvl, cfr, and mecC gene were not detected among S. aureus isolates.

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