Kufa Journal for Nursing Sciences

kufa Journal for nursing sciences is a scientific journal that is established by Faculty of nursing , University of Kufa and publishes studies in a number of nursing and allied health sciences, such as adults nursing, pediatric nursing, community health nursing, psychiatric and mental health nursing, maternal and neonate nursing, biology, medicine, and pharmacy .

All published papers by Kufa Journal for nursing sciences have undergone the rules of scientific evaluation; it accepts local and international papers to be published.
It is obligated in publishing new papers that have not been published by another journal or submitted into conferences.

Three issues per year were published until 2016, and then two issues per year were published.

 Frequency: 2 issues per year

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ISSN (Print): 2223-4055

ISSN (online) : under processing


Vol 9, No 2 (2019): Kufa Journal for Nursing Science

Table of Contents


Fadhluddin Nasruddin Shakor
Ali Abbas Rahi/ Ammar Mahmood Jaber/ Dr. Deeaa Kareem Abd-Ali
Rand Saad Hameed/ Lecturer Dr. Mais Mohammed Salim/ Lecturer Dr. Iftikhar Khdhair Abbas/Prof. Dr. Liwaa Hussein Mahdi Al-Kilabi
Dr.Mohammed Saeed Abdulzahra Al-Naseri/ Dr. Hamdi Khalaf Turki/ MSc. Hanan Raheem Hamoud
Bashar R. Mohammed Ali
Mohmmed Qassim Baktash/ Arkan Bahlol Naji
Sajida Khamees Abdullah/ Wissam Jabbar Kasim
Shelan Qahraman Shakor
Dr.Ali M.Ali Ridha
Huda Abdul Jaleel Ahmed/ Assist. Prof. Dr. Suhad H. Khairi