Effectiveness of Childbirth Classes Regarding Labor Knowledge and Practices on Primigravida Woman in Al-Elwiya Maternity Teaching Hospital

Huda Abdul Jaleel Ahmed/ Assist. Prof. Dr. Suhad H. Khairi


Background: Childbirth classes help to prepare pregnant woman during labor and delivery to reduce the complications, increase a mother's confidence, and understand how to cope with the pain during labor and delivery. Aim of study: To measure the effectiveness of childbirth classes regarding labor's Knowledge and practices on primigravida pregnant women. Methodology: A quasi-experimental design, of sixty primigravida women who participate in program (30 women for study group and 30 for control group) at Al-Elwiya Teaching hospital for period from on 4th July to 25th November 2018. The data were collected through the use of constructed questionnaire format, interview technique, and observational checklist. Descriptive (mean and stander deviation) statistic was used to data analysis).

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