Human Papilloma Virus Expression in Iraqi Patients with Premalignant and Malignant Laryngeal Lesions: Immunohistochemical Study

Rand Saad Hameed/ Lecturer Dr. Mais Mohammed Salim/ Lecturer Dr. Iftikhar Khdhair Abbas/Prof. Dr. Liwaa Hussein Mahdi Al-Kilabi


Background: Human Papilloma Virus is a DNA virus, epitheliotropic, non-enveloped, with a double strand
circular genome, and about 8,000 pb, measuring 55 nm in diameter.
Aim of study: Highlighting the relationship between the occurrence of premalignant laryngeal lesions and
human papillomavirus like a causal factor together with development of laryngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma.
Methodology: Fifty cases of laryngeal cancer and premalignant laryngeal lesions are incorporated within this
study. Tissues were saved within formaldehyde and embedded in paraffin blocks. We used
Immunohistochemical technique in order to prove the correlat ion between HPV infection and those laryngeal

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