Synthesis and characterization of some heterocyclic compounds (benzoxazpine, oxazpine, tetrazol and imidazoldin-4-one) from condensation of isatin with dapson

Tagreed ali Hussien, Faez Abdul-Hussein Al-Rammahi


The present work includes, synthesis of novel (Schiff's) compounds in high yield. Which reacts with phthalic anhydride, Maleic anhydride, succunic anhydride, sodium azid, leucin amino acid and alanine amino acid via refluxing of reactions to produce various heterocycles (seven and five) members rings like (benzoxazpine, oxzaepine, tetrazol, and imidazoldin), the structure of the new synthesized compounds are monitored by (TLC) and identified by many techniques (FTIR,) and melting points 

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