Synthesis, Characterization and Anti Microbial Activity of Some New Derivatives Containing Imidazol Moiety

Amjad Gali Aliwi, Nagham Majid Abdulhassan, Ruba Fahmi Abbas, Iman Rejab Mohammed, Dhifaf Abduladeem Abdulabbas


This paper involves synthesis some new imidazol derivatives were synthesized reaction of p-nitro Aniline with 3-chloro 2,4-pentadione with KSCN to give [1-(4-Nitro Phenyl)-2-Mercapto-4-methyl-1H-imidazol-5-yl)]-ethanone(1). Which reaction with different aromatic aldehydes according to claisen. Schmidt condensation to get a chalcones were reacted with hydrazine Hydrate to obtained the pyrazol derivatives and (4a-c) was synthesized by the treatment of pyrazol derivatives with benzoyl chloride in TEA. The chalcones were cyclized with the hydroxyl amine hydro chloride to give an iso oxazole derivatives which condensed with furan-2-aldehyde to obtain compounds(6a-c). These compounds  were characterized using FTIR and  1H-NMR. Anti microbial study in  vitro screened against several bacterial by cup plate agar diffusion method and also very good antibacterial activity  was observed

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