Synthesis, Characterization of New Chelating Amidoxime Resin and Study of its Analytical Properties

Ahmad Dhary Saleh


A new chelating ion-exchange resin consist of a macroreticular poly [styrene-co-(divinylbenzene)] (XAD-4) copolymer and containing 2[[2-(hydroxy) benzylidene] amino] benzamidoxime ligands as the functional group has been synthesized and its employ for the concentration and separation of metals was studied. It is highly stable in acidic and alkaline solutions. The total adsorption ability of the resin for some metal ions like Fe(III), Cu(II), Ni(II), Hg(II), Cd(II), Zn(II), Pd (II), Mo (VI), V(V) and U(VI) as a function of pH has been determined over pH (1.0 -7.5). Sorption kinetics of metals was achieved by using batch method. These metal ions were quantitatively occupied and resumed by [0.5M] Sodium carbonate as a suitable eluting for uranium (V1); for palladium (II) HCl conc., followed by a dilute acidic solution of thiourea; for the other metal ions, 2M hydrochloric acid]. The resin exhibits the important characteristics that are good chemical stability, high selectivity, and quick equilibration with the metal ion making it useful for fast enrichment of these ions by column and the resin reused repeatedly. The most metal ions concentrations were measured by atomic absorption spectrograph (AAS).

Keywords: chelating resin; benzamidoxime; functional group; adsorption capacity

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