Effect of over weight on teeth surrounding structures in sample of patients with regular teeth brushing Asocial study in Erbil city

Shahida Rassul Hussein


     Background and Objective: Obesity is an important factor associated with lifestyle-related diseases, and this factor may be related to periodontitis. Aims of the present study were to investigate the effect of obesity on gingival health ,pocket depth and gingival recession of both genders  in Erbil city. 

   Methods: Body Mass Index (BMI) was determine for (200) patients who had regular daily tooth brushing; visiting Erbil medical centers. Clinical examination of the periodontal health was performed by reporting plaque, gingival indices, pocket depth and gingival recession among males and females individual.

    Results: obese females reported the greater mean of PLI, GI, GR and PD than obese males; with statically significant differences of PLI and GI between obese males and obese females (P ≤0.008 and P≤.003) but statistically not significant difference was found for healthy and pre-obese groups for both genders.  , also statistically not significant differences were found for gingival rescission and pocket depth between the male and female groups for all parameters.   all study parameters in male and female revealed a highly  significant difference between healthy  &  pre-obese,  healthy  &  obese and pre-obese  &obese  groups (P ≤0.000 ).

 Conclusions:. The present study shows that obesity has an effect on gingival health but it has little effect on pocket health and gingival rescission. Obese females reported more gingivitis,gingival recession  and pocket depth than male.

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