Determination of Serum Zinc, Copper and Manganese Concentration in Arthritis Patients

Rana Abd Alaly, Ahmed Ali Abdulsahib, Rana Saheb Khalaf, Abbas Abd zaid


Arthritis is a chronic an inflammation of the  joints, the aim of this study was to explain the  effect of  antioxidant trace elements(zinc ,copper and manganese ) on risk of arthritis. This study included 24 patients (men only) aged 33-40years and 20  apparently healthy men were used as a control  group .The results showed significantly  decrease in  a zinc, copper and manganese concentration in arthritis patients compared with healthy control P-value(0.00,0.00 and 0.001) respectively .


Key Words: Inflammation, Joints, Arthritis, Antioxidant, Trace Elements

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