A new Route to the Synthesis of Pyrazines and Oxazoles

M.N. Mohamed, Faez. a.Al-rammahy, Sh.A. Beheget


Decaboxylative    transamination  of  the   α-amino   acids  glycine, alanine   and   tyrosine    in  the  presence  of  the   symmetrical   and  a symmetrical   benzoins ; [4 -N- di Methyl amino benzoin ] ,  [4,ˉ4 – di  chloro benzoin ] ,[4– hydroxy benzoin] , [4 -chloro benzoin ] , [ 3,ˉ3-  di  bromo benzoin ] and [ 2-  nitro  benzoin ]. This  has  led  to  the  formation of oxazoles , tetra substituted  pyrazine and the corres ponding  benzils

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