Evaluation of Lectin Level as New Tumor Marker for Urinary Tract and Prostate Cancers

Hathama Razoki Hasan, Majid Kadhum Husain, Rasha Hassan Jasiem


Lectins, simply; are proteins or glycoproteins that are probably present in all eukaryotic cells, and many bacterial species, as well as in some viruses. Lectins was first discovered as a highly toxic protein that was isolated from castor tree seeds (Ricinus communis) and named ricin, this protein showed the ability to agglutinin erythrocytes. Several lectins are investigated for their use in cancer research and therapy. The present study was designed to detect lectin levels in serum and tissue of patients with urinary tract system and prostate diseases. Using the hemagglutination process, the lectin activity was measured in cases of patients with malignant and benign kidney, bladder, and prostate tumors, in addition to those with non tumoral kidney diseases. Results of the present study showed a significant increase (p < 0.001) of lectin levels in patients with malignant tumors when compared with those of benign tumors, non tumoral diseases, and healthy individuals. The highest serum and tissue lectin levels were found in patients with advanced malignant stages, regardless their genders. 

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