A Biochemical Study to Evaluate Lipid Profiles and Sex Hormone In Sera of Females Patients Suffering CHD

Furqan Moein Auda



The present work was designed to estimate the correlation between lipids profiles and sex hormones (Testosterone & Estradiol) in women with coronary heart disease undergoing catheterization    in addition to the measurement of iron status ,insulin, insulin resistance & body mass index . Twenty  female  patients with coronary heart disease were participated in the present study, with age range 50-70 years. Fifteen apparently healthy females were selected as control group. Serum levels of total Cholesterol ,HDL ,iron and TIBC were measured spectrophotometrically while UIBC, ETIBS, TS% , transferring concentration and LDL were calculated mathematically. Serum ferritin, Testosterone , Estradiol & insulin were measured using ELISA technique. The results showed significant increase (p<0.05) in Lipid Profile & iron indices  of CHD patients in comparing with healthy control group except iron , HDL,TS, which decreased significantly (p<0.05) in those patients in comparing with control group . Serum Testosterone , estradiol and insulin no significantly (p<0.05) in those patients in comparing with control group. The results revealed a positive correlation between iron store , TG ,LDL, Cholesterol with CHD , reversible correlation between estradiol with CHD and There is no statistically significant correlation noticed among iron  , HDL, testosterone ,insulin, and blood sugar with CHD.  It can be concluded that female  patients with CHD undergo Catheterization  are at high risk for  hyperlipidemia .

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