Reducing The Microbialled Of Chicken Meat by Improving Grill Machine Design

Muna Turkey Mossa Al-Mossawei , Abdulrazzak Abdullatif Jasim


The experiment was conducted to improve the microbial load and sensory characteristics of chicken meat using locally designed and manufactured an improved grill and compared it with traditional grill in the department of Agricultural Machines and Equipment/College of Agriculture, University of Baghdad in 2017. The study included test of complete roasted chicken samples that ready for sale consumption from the top and bottom rows of improved grill, also included incomplete roasted chicken samples from the top row in addition to complete roasted chicken that ready for sale and consumption from the bottom row of the traditional grill, as well as a control sample that was roasted chicken by putting it in traditional grill alone. Bacteriological included total number of aerobic bacteria (Aerobic Plate Count APC), total number Coliform, fecal  E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Salmonella Spp, In addition to  Molds and Yeasts were tested in this study. Despite the lack of microbial limits for roasted chicken in Iraqi standard specifications, the results showed that absence of all study samples, including control from the presence of Salmonella, but it showed the superiority of improved grill to reduce the mean of APC, coliform, yeasts and molds, which they are free of fecal coliform and Staphylococcus aureus, and recorded significant reducing. Also, high microbial load in complete roasted chicken samples that taken from the bottom row from traditional grill compared with improved grill demonstrates that the exudates fluids from the top row chicken on the bottom row chicken of the traditional grill has contributed to the rise of these microbial load, also demonstrates the erroneous practice adopted in the roasted method of chicken in the traditional grill, when the worker puts the chicken intended for roasting in the top rows of the grill and put the complete roasted chicken that ready for sale or consumption in the bottom of the grill, which contributes in contamination by exudates fluids that fall out of the raw and incomplete roasted chicken in the top row. The results of the current study also showed superiority of the improved grill to register the highest average in sensory evaluation scores of complete grilled chicken by the evaluators experts in a number of sensory qualities of odor, flavor, palatability and juiciness, it recorded significant differences compared with traditional grill, as well as it hood to get to complete roasting compared with samples of traditional grill and control.

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