Effect of some organic and non-Organic fertilizers on some parameters of growth and berries quality of grape cv. Kamali

Hussein Moho Sulaiman, Shawkat Mustafa Mohammed


The current study was conducted to determine the effect of using different organic and non-organic fertilizers on the leaf area, leaf dry weight, total chlorophyll %, petiole NPK content and yield as well as chemical properties of the berries of grape cv. Kamali grown under drip-irrigated system during  growing season 2012. Results showed that Ammonium sulfate + Organic manure + Humic acid caused a stimulation of growth characters measured yield as well as berries quality parameters compared to control treatment. Total acidity percentage in the juice tended to reduce with using Ammonium sulfate + Organic manure + humic acid treatments. Application of Ammonium sulfate + Organic manure, Ammonium sulfate + Humic acid or Organic manure + Humic acid caused a significant increase leaf area, in leaf dry weight, total chlorophyll, mineral content (NPK) and as well bunch weight, No. of bunches per vine, Yield per vine and chemical properties (TSS, Total sugars and Juice density) compared to the application of Ammonium sulfate, Humic acid and Organic manure alone.

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