Effect of wounding and different concentration of IBA on the rooting and vegetative growth of stem cutting of three olive cultivars

ShaymaaAbdulqader Mahfodh Abdulqader, Amira Salih Abdulrhman, Zulaikha Ramazan


This study was carried out in greenhouse of the College of Agriculture, University of Duhok during growing season of 2015, to investigate the response of hard wood cuttings of three cultivars of olive (Arbokonia ,Hojblanka and Arbokonia 18) dwarf Spanish origin  to wounding ( with and without wounding) and  IBA treatment at three concentrations  (0, 2000 and 4000 mg.1-1). The results indicated that wounding significantly increased rooting percentage, root length and leaf area, whereas IBA at both concentrations (2000 and 4000 mg.1-1) significantly improved rooting and shoot percentage, root dry weight, root length and number of branches per transplant while untreated cutting had the highest total chlorophyll. The cultivars undertaken in the study differed in their response to the studied factors since the cultivar Hojblanka was more responsible followed by Arbokonia 18. For the interaction among the study factors, the best interaction was among the interaction of wounding + IBA 2000 mg.1-1 and IBA 4000 mg.1-1 + Arbokonia cultivar.

Keyword: Olive, Wounding, IBA, Cultivar

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