Effect of use vitamin E and Zn on seminal plasma enzymes and their effect on trace minerals of shami male Goat

Zeaid Amad Zeny


The studay was designed to investigated the efeect of Vitamin E and Zn are two of the important feed elements that affect on semen quality and reduce the free radical or poor sperm quality .

Nine shami male goats of similar age (2.5 year) and body weight 37 kg were divided randomly into three groups each of three 1 st first group T1 serves as a control second group T2 given vitamin E 200 IU /Animal/ week orally and third group T3 given Zn 75 mg/Animal/ week orally for 45 days. The semen was collected every15days (15,30,45) and the following parameter was measured in semen plasma AST,ALT and Fructose, Na+, k+, Zn. The result showed a significant increased (p_>0.05)in T2 and T3 in Measures AST,ALT and Fructose significantly (p_>0.05).there was a significant (p_>0.05) decreased in the level of Na+ and k+. However the level of Zn was increased significantly(p_>0.05).The result showing that vitamin E and zinc doses to improved seminal plasma in shami male goat.

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