Effect of different levels of vitamin E in some semen Biochemical Parameters inAwassi rams

Zeaid Amad Hamid Taqi Zeny



 The ram seminal plasma is a complex fluid, which serves as a carrier for the spermatozoa on their jour­ney into the male testes, and make role as nutrition and source of energy.

 The objective of this study was to investigate the enzyme activities in seminal plasma. Aspartate Amino transferees (AST), Alanine Amino transferees (ALT),and fructose in seminal plasma from twelve mature Awassi rams 14-16 month of age. Rams divided to three group 1st group (T1) served as a control,Second and third group(T2, T3) were given vitamin E at a level of 200 and 300 IU/Week respectively.The Overall mean activity of  (AST:ALT)in T1,T2,T3 were (8.60 1.49, 6.71 1.48,5.57 1.59: 5.96 1.06, 6.50 1.57, 2.91 0.77)UE/ML3and fructose (3.80 0.49, 4.17 0.85, 3.33 0.57)Mm/Lat temperatures ranging from 10-160C.where the impact of vitamin E in (AST,ALT) groups (9.20 2.0, 8.96 , 7.43 1.06: 5.52 1.67, 2.69 0.28, 5.24 0.79)and fructose (2.67 0.21, 3.43 , 4.54 ).


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