Comparative Study of Stem Anatomy for Some Poa L. Species (Poaceae) in Iraq

Ban A. Al-Khafaji, A. K. Al-Bermani


Anatomical investigations of sex species of the genus Poa L. from the family Poaceae in Iraq which includes (PoaangustifoliaL., Poa annua L., Poa araratica Trautv., Poabulbosa L., Poa pratensis L. and Poa trivialisL.)were carried out on the stem (Culm) epidermis and cross section, to clarify the importance and significance of these quantitative and qualitative characters to support the previous evidence of these kinds of studies .Diameter of Culm cross section, sclerenchyma thickness and distribution, number, shape, length of vascular bundles showed differences among species which was a good taxonomic value helped to separate and isolate species of the genus. Size and shape of stomata, specific characters of short and long cells and indumentums are all mentioned tables as well as anatomical photos of the species is presented in this

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