Effect of Jujube fruit cultivars o n chemical control of jujabe fruit fly Carpomyia incompleta

Aqeel Adnan Al- yousuf


      The present study was conducted the aim of effect of cult Jujube fruit Ziziphus spp.( Rhamanaceae ) cultivars (cv.) in the degree of the insecticides used in control of jujabe fruit fly Carpomyia incomplete ,at Qurnah region ,Basrah , during winter growing season 2010. The revealed that lannate was the most affective against Jujube fruit fly C. incomplete, by lowering its infestation up to 22.9 %,which significantly did not differ with cyfluthrin,releved 28.1 %, compared with control, reaching 50.4%. The results indicated that the cultivar Zaitooni was such more resistance to the jujube fruit fly infestation , that was decreased to 23.9 % compared to cv. Bambawi, reaching 43.7%.the intractions  between pesticides and(cv.) were reduced infestation with usingThe cyfluthrin and lannate with were cultivar Zaitooni to 13.3 and 17.5% respectively compared with40.8% at control infestation rates of spraying cv Bambawi with cyfluthrin and lannate were 42.9 and 28.3% respectively compared 60 % at control . The results indicted that the efficiency of lannate and cyfluthrin were increased against fruit fly on cv Ziatooni by lowering its population density of larvae to 1.75 and 2.25 (larvae /10 fruits) (4.50 larvae /10 fruits at control), compared to cv Bambawi, where the population density of larvae  2.08 and 3.17 (larvae /10 fruits) (4.17 larvae /10 fruits at control)

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