ARAB INTELLECTUALS AND AUTHORITY A Continuity of an Implied System

Hassan Nadhem


The ruler doesn’t want from the thinker free thinking. He wants his loyal thinking.
Tawfiq al-Hakim, A‘wdat al-Wa‘y (The Return of Consciousness)
The modern intellectuals’ crisis has roots that lie in the past, when the pro-authority Arab intellectuals’ predecessors instilled in them the fact that power is always a prerequisite for the nation and should be divinely and earthly sustained. This has been engraved in the mindset for generations, and I would suggest that the continuity of this notion in the socio-political tradition needs to be reconsidered as a major factor in the formulation of the Arab intelligentsia. In short, I believe that the present for Arab intellectuals is a continuation of their past. This paper will provide a synthesis of different positions of Arab intellectuals, with emphasis given to the suitability and continuity of Arab tradition in the present condition of the modern Arab intellectuals.


Arab Intellectuals, Authority, History

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