Education and Change in the Arab Countries A Plat form for the 21st Century

Mohammad Jawad Ridha


Kufa Review proudly presents this article by
Dr. Mohammad Jawad Ridha, one of the best Arab
scholars in the field of education studies. This article
was not published during his life. It was submitted to
us, along with other manuscripts, by his family. We
publish it in honor of his memory and in recognition
of his remarkable accomplishments as an educator,
an expert, and an administrator.
By the turn of the century, the Arab World had met an
estimated population of two hundred and eighty million people
torn between two conflicting self-perceptions. On the one
hand, there is the sense of great historical accomplishments,
and on the other, a crippling acrimonious awareness of present


History; Education; Sociology; Psychology; Cultural Studies; Humanities

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