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Vol 1, No 30 (2017): آداب الكـوفـة Over The Counter Drug Labels “A Linguistic Study” Abstract   PDF
Mayada Eesa
Vol 1, No 34 (2018): مجلة اداب الكوفة Persian Literature in the World literature Abstract   PDF
Maryam Kalati
Vol 2, No 33 (2017): آداب الكـوفـة Politeness in Imam Ali's Letter to Malik Al-Ashtar Abstract   PDF
Ramia Fu'ad Mirza
Vol 1, No 20 (2014): آداب الكـوفـة Pragmatic Failurein Iraqi EFL Contexts Abstract   PDF
Fareed Hindawi, Ahmed Mubarak, Sahira Salman
Vol 2, No 37 (2018): مجلة اداب الكوفة Predicting marital adjustment, sexual satisfaction, and psychological well -being based on thought control strategies among teachers of Yasuj Abstract   PDF
Farzad Amiri, Reza Mirzaei Rad, Seyed Soleiman Hosseininik
Vol 1, No 1 (2008): مجلة اداب الكوفة Problems of Word for Word Equivalence in English—Arabic Dictionaries and their Lexical and Cultural Abstract   PDF
Nadhum Raheem Ghurab
Vol 1, No 17 (2013): آداب الكـوفـة Pun in English: Towards identifying its Equivalent Device(s) in Arabic Abstract   PDF
Siham Mohammed Al-Kawwaz
Vol 2, No 38 (2019): مجلة اداب الكوفة Qualitative and quantitative study of sustainability perspectives in MossaHvamedeh poetry Abstract   PDF
Nada Mohsin Aboghunaim, Mohammad reza Mirzania, Hamideh Nasirzadeh
Vol 1, No 11 (2012): آداب الكـوفـة Schematic Coherence in Poetry Abstract   PDF
علي عبد الاله غني
Vol 1, No 3 (2008): مجلة اداب الكوفة Sentence Processing Abstract   PDF
Sa’ad Oda Alwan
Vol 1, No 5 (2009): مجلة اداب الكوفة Style as a Product of Three Structural Principles Abstract   PDF
Khalid Shakir Hussein, May Ali Abdul-Ameer
Vol 1, No 24 (2015): مجلة اداب الكوفة The Archetypal American Quest for Identity in Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Abstract   PDF
Tewfeek Muslim Haran
Vol 1, No 30 (2017): آداب الكـوفـة The Cognitive Principle of Relevance and its Application to Anti Iraq War Posters Abstract   PDF
Freed Al-Hindawi, Rufaidah Kamal Abdulmajeed
Vol 1, No 3 (2008): مجلة اداب الكوفة The Dictionary Use at the University of Kufa: A Case Study Abstract   PDF
Nadhum Raheem Al-Salami, Hudaa Abid Ali Hattab
Vol 1, No 32 (2017): اداب الكوفة The Effect of Peer-Assessment Method in Enhancing Iraqi EFL University Students’ Language Ability Abstract   PDF
Ali Abdulhussein Sagban
Vol 2, No 41 (2019): مجلة اداب الكوفة The effect of Urf (common law) on family laws in Islamic Jurisprudence Abstract   PDF
سهیلا رستمی, وریا حفیدی, مهرا نگیز روستائی
Vol 1, No 20 (2014): آداب الكـوفـة The Effect of Using Dictionary in Teaching Pronunciation Abstract   PDF
Abdul-Hussein Kadhim Reishaan, Wiaam Abdul- Wahab Al-Bayati
Vol 1, No 35 (2018): مجلة اداب الكوفة The Eioffect of Culture As a Sociolinguistic Variable on the Speech Act of b\Praising , A Theoretical Study Abstract   PDF
Hashim Abdulla Al-Muradi, Majid Salih Khalaf
Qassim Salman Serhan, Nadhim Fadhil Kadhim
Vol 2, No 36 (2018): مجلة اداب الكوفة The Figure of the Mixedblood in Louise Erdrich’s Love Medicine Abstract   PDF
Qasim Selman Serhan, Arkan Naser Hussain
Vol 1, No 3 (2008): مجلة اداب الكوفة The Idea of Death in William Carlos Williams: A Study in Selected Short Poems Abstract   PDF
Shubbar Abdul Adil Mousa
Vol 1, No 41 (2019): مجلة اداب الكوفة THE IDEOLOGY OF POWER IN UNEQUAL TREATIES Abstract   PDF
Azhar Hussain Ubied, Abbas Diagan Darwish
Vol 2, No 33 (2017): آداب الكـوفـة The illusion and the Reality in Friedman's Short Story "Beautiful Scars Abstract   PDF
Zina Abdul-Hussein Hassan
Vol 1, No 2 (2008): مجلة اداب الكوفة The Lexical Approach Between Grammar and Lexis: Theory and Practice Abstract   PDF
Jameel Qasim Hameed
Vol 1, No 40 (2019): مجلة اداب الكوفة The Metadiscursive Formation of Intersubjective Stance in Chomsky’s Opinion articles Abstract   PDF
Siham Mohammed Hasan, Abbas Talib Abdalzahra
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