Kufa Studies Center Journal

Scientific journal quarterly court issued by the kufa studies center of Kufa University, and interested in scientific research and humanity together, because the kufa studies center specialist science humanitarian, scientific, and seeks to ease the problems faced by society as divided into the magazine to the five-door key which Quranic studies and linguistic studies and legal studies and studies of historical, geographical and Education continuous and includes applied studies and field

Date of the first number was issued in 2004
The number of issues published in the year 4 issues
The number of issues issued between 2004 and 2019 is 54

Frequency: 4 issues per year

DOI prefix: 10.36322

ISSN (Print)  : 1993-7016

ISSN (online) : under processing

ORCID :0000-0003-3304-9620

Arcif 2018 (0.051)


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Vol 1, No 57 (2020): مجلة مركز دراسات الكوفة

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