Characterisation of ADAMs (protein)of bovine seminal plasma by Mass Spectrometr

Hazem Almhanna


This study has been designed to analyse the secreted and soluble proteins in bovine seminal plasma by mass spectrometry. The majority of these proteins are produced by accessory glands, and partially by testis, epididymis, ductus deferens and vas deferens of male reproductive tract.

Seminal plasma of bovine was collected freshly and isolated after centrifuged and removed the sperm.  Non boiled and boiled seminal plasma lysate were run to identify and detect the total proteins, as well as the individual single member of ADAMs protein is determined.

The non-boiled lysate of seminal plasma was displayed diversity of proteins more than boiled sample lysate of seminal plasma.

However, boiled and non-boiled seminal plasma have distinguished several types of ADAMs protein which are included: ADAM10, ADAM9, ADAM7, ADAM15 in non-boiled samples, while boiled lysate of bovine seminal plasma was displayed ADAM10, ADAM9, ADAM28, and ADAM22.

Our finding concluded that bovine seminal plasma is very rich in different types of soluble, cleaved and shed proteins such ADAMs protein which could potentially have a biological and physiological role in protection and interactions of sperm during motility inside female reproductive tract, as it might support it to fertilise the ovum. This protection might be via immunosuppression behaviour or by block specific receptors in female reproductive tract for enhancing sperm motility, and avoid sperm the singling response of immunity.  

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