Clinical and serological study of Lumpy skin disease in cattle in Basrah Provence

Ali B. Aldeewan, Rahman Kadhum Muhsen


This study was conducted in Basrah at period from August 2018 till February 2019. Six hindered (600) blood samples were collected from different fields of cattle suspected infected with LSD according to the clinical examination at Al Mudaina and Al Qurnah town, north of Basrah province to detect the antibodies against LSD (550 females, 50 males, 200 calves less than one year old, and 400 cows aged more than one year). The result revealed that, the overall prevalence of LSD in cattle was 18.66% ( 112 out of 600 ), the prevalence of disease in calves was 30% ( 60 out of 200 ) ;While in cow was 13% ( 52 out of 400 ), and there was significant differences in the prevalence of LSD between calves and cows ( P˂ 0.05 ). The prevalence of LSD in female was 16.3% (90 out of 550), while in male was 44% (22 out of 50), and there was significant differences in prevalence of LSD between males and females. The clinical study revealed that LSD was found in three clinical forms include nodular dermatitis observed in 104 cases (92.8%), arthritis in 20 cases (17.8%) and lymphadenopathy in 3 cases (2.5%).

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