The Effect of Growth Condition on SAP10 Gene Expression in Genotype A Candida albicans

Inas Q. Rahim, Hayder M. Samaka


There are a limited data regarding to the role of the growth conditions on pathogenicity process of Candida albicans and if the host play a role in augmenting the virulence of this microorganism, this study focusing on the effect of environmental growth conditions of genotype A Candida albicans on SAP10 gene expression as one of the Secreted Aspartyl Proteinase super family genes that play a main role in Candida albicans pathogenicity process.
Ten pathogenic strains of Candida albicans obtained from clinical cases were included in this study, genotyped according to 25s rDNA and grown on two different condition using RPMI1640 medium at for mimic host condition (under controlled condition in vitro) and also grown on Sabauroud Dextrose agar at 25 as in vitro condition, total RNA were extracted from each condition and evaluated using Pfaffle's equation.
The results of this study exhibit that all tested isolates classified under genotype (A) Candida albicans with 450pb PCR product size of 25s rDNA, while SAP 10 gene expression data indicate that no significant expression pattern related to the different growth conditions and the expressions are related to the tested strains and no relation between Candida albicans growth conditions, strain genotype and SAP10 gene expression is approved in this study.

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