Review Camel immunobiology: implications on mastitis-resistance and future therapeutics

Mohammed Al-Saadi, Ali Hadi Abbas, Morteta Al-Medhtiy


Each living organism from microbes to primates, has its own immune regime, which differs in its strategies but most of the species are susceptible to infection by pathogens. Nevertheless, camels are resistant to most infections, especially mastitis as well as they can endure the stress in contrast to the cattle, therefore this study has focused on the immune perspective and occurrence of mastitis in the both species as it is very rare in camels. Also, summarized a new insight of utilizing the camel’s milk for the human health and reducing possible zoonotic pathogens. A noticeable difference in the immunity of both species and new trend of therapy have been demonstrated. Further research must be conducted to identify the therapeutic effect of camel’s milk on the human.

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