Field Qualitative Detection of Avian Influenza Using Antigen Rapid Test in Different Districts of Nineveh Governorate, Iraq

Basila Ibrahim Hussein, Omer Ra’ad Al-Hyalee


Sensitive and rapid diagnostic kits for avian influenza virus are required to screen large numbers of samples during a disease outbreak and to prevent the spread of infection. The aim of study is to investigate on avian influenza virus type A serotype H5 among different avian species in different district of Nineveh Governorate, Iraq using Anigen rapid H5 AIV Ag test kit. In this study, we employed One-step avian influenza virus type A and serotype H5 antigen test (Anigen rapid H5 AIV Ag test kit). The test was run out in different districts of Nineveh governorate, including broiler farms local poultry markets, and house poultry breedes (local breeds, broiler, and layers) as well as pigeon houses. Of tested 686 swab from total 241477 poultry samples were been tested, no avian influenza virus positive cases result were noted or confirmed by rapid screening test. No clinical signs were recorded in all examined poultry species. The study conclude that kit used for rapid diagnosis of avian influenza type A serotype H5 was easy, reliable and its interpretation less than thirty minutes.

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