Ameliorating effects of DPP (Phoenix dactylifera L.) extract on serum gonadotropins and Prolactin hormones in mature female rats exposed to sodium nitrite

M. J. Jiheel, J. K. Arrak


This study was accomplished to explore the role of crude ethanol extract of date palm pollen grains (DPP) in ameliorating the induction of oxidative stress by sodium nitrite in female rats.

To detection the effect of sodium nitrite and crude ethanolic extract of DPP in the concentration of serum FSH, LH and Prolactin, forty mature female rats divided into five equal groups, first group served as control where the  second received 100mg/kg DPP extract daily, third received 100mg/kg DPP extract plus  100mg/kg sodium nitrite, fourth received100mg/kg sodium nitrite, for 42 days, while the fifth group received 100mg/kg sodium nitrite for 28 days then shift to 100 mg/kg DPP extract for another 14 days .the result showed an elevation of serum FSH and  LH of the second group, and reduction in fourth and fifth groups . while the elevation of serum prolactin were clarified in fourth and fifth groups.

In conclusions, treatment by extracts of DPP grains leads to improvement fertility in female rats. Exposure to sodium nitrite at a dose of 100mg/kg leads to an elevation in serum prolactin and reduction in gonadotropin hormones in female rats.

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