Isolation and identification study of Escherichia coli from buffalo mastitis and Antimicrobial susceptibility pattern of its.

Nabeel Ahmed Abdul wahid, Asaad Chasib Al atabi, Asseel Abdulrida Saeed


This study was conducted to exam (100) milk samples taken from (25) buffalo within 2-6 years old (clinically mastitic and other non mastitic apparently) in different areas of Al-Najaf  province. The results were showed  36(36% ) mastitic  milk sample as 12 (33.3%) clinical and 24( 66.6%) subclinical mastitis  according to CMT test . Thirty six  bacterial isolates were positive growth on blood agar ,the isolation and identification were diagnosed by classical microbiological and biochemical tests , 10   out of 36 bacterial  isolates were  E.coli. The result of disk diffusion test appeared E.coli isolates were sensitive to tetracycline (70%),Amikacin and Trimethoprim/Sulfamethaxol (60%), Gentamicin and Ciprofloxacin (50%),while the E.coli isolates were  resistance  to Cefotaxime and  Ampicillin

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