Efficacy of Parenteral Kanamycin - Colistin Mixture in Treatment of Contaminated Wounds in Local Breed Donkeys

Ahmed Jassim Mohammed, Abd –Alhadi Jaithom marzok


This study was conducted on donkeys in Al-Najaf city in university of kufa /college of veterinary medicine during January /2017 till Faberuary /2017 to evaluate the effect of (kacolis® ) Fivevet/vietnam (kanamycin and colistin mixture) in treatment contaminated woundes in donkeys,and observe of the clinical features , blood picture and levels of some enzymes in the serum .
In this study five donkey treated with the drug as affected group and three donkeys as control group treated with normal saline,and blood samples were collected from each one to estimate blood picture and serum enzymes concentration The clinical examination of treated donkeys was showed normal heart and respiratory rates and body temperature while in control group which showed increase in heart ,respiratory and temperature. The results of hematological picture of control and treated donkey group show non significant differences between of them except the neutrophile cell number which appear increase in control group than treated animals
Serum alanin transefers eenzyme concentration was (15±0.43)U/L ,urea (25.3 ±0.3 mg/dl)and creatinin (1.3±0.031 mg/dl) in treated donkey within normal valeus, and the result of control donkeys were (14.6±0.13 ) U/L , (24±0.5 mg/dl )and (1.24±0,02 mg/dl) respectively .

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