Detection virulence factors of Klebsiella pneumonia from cattle by using PCR tec.

Jameela Radi Esmaeel, Jinan Nadhim Sadeq


Identification of K. pneumoniae was avaluated using conventional microbiological characteristics and molecular assays .
Milk specimens were collected from cattle suffered from clinical symptoms of mastitis from different farms of AL-Qadisyiah province.
Out of 45 samples obtained, 20 isolates ( 44.4 %) were detected as K. pneumonia according to morphology of colonies and biochemical features.
Molecular detection of Klebsiella pneumoniae based 16S rRNA gene for determination two virulence factor genes(rmpA,magA) by using specific primer.These genes potent the pathogenesis of Klebisella pneumonia. The primers were made in this study by using NCBI-GenBank and primer3 plus design online. The primer is made by company in Korea (Bioneer).
Moleculer detection of isolates which give away specific PCR products of of 312bp for magA gene and 835bp for rmpA gene .
The magA and rmpA genes were amplified in six (30%)and five(25%) isolates out of 20 isolates of Klebsiella pneumonia.

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