Anatomical and histological study of adrenal gland in new natal and adult guinea pig (Caviaporcellus)

Thamir A. Abass


Histomorphological study on the adrenal gland was conducted in guinea pig after birth including three period of life, one day old, 15 days and adult guinea pig. Right and left adrenal glands were collected from guinea pig and fixed in10% neutral buffered formalin, and Orth stock solution as a fixative for routine paraffin embedding. The organ sections at 6 μm thickness and after that stains with H&E and PAS stain. Anatomically the adrenal glands are paired white flat organs embedded in fat located cranial to the kidneys within the retroperitoneal space. The adrenal gland has a very characteristic tissue design that is often easily recognizable even without a microscope. Each gland in cross section show an outer cortex appears yellowish connective tissue , and an inner medulla that appears brownish in color .Hitologically adrenal gland is surrounded on the surface by a connective tissue capsule and zones, from the outer to inner are; 1. Zonaglomerulosa 2. Zonafasciculata 3. Zonareticularis.. The adrenal cortex represents 80-90% of the adrenal gland.

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