Comparison the therapeutic effects of henna, procaine penicillin and povidone-iodine solutions as uterine flushings in Iraqi Arabian mares

Masar S. Kadhim


In the last decade, many researchers tried herbal medicine due to its beneficial therapeutic effects by less side effects, so our study is conducted on (12) Iraqi Arabian mares to compare the therapeutic effect of henna 20% with procaine penicillin and povidone-iodine 1% solutions. The results shows the superiority therapeutic effects of henna 20% than that of procaine penicillin and povidone-iodine therapies as uterine flushing .
The comparison between the types of treatments and their effects on the different types of bacteria which are included in this study, shows the superior effect on E. coli is by Henna (54.25± 1.49), the procaine penicillin has moderate effect(177± 3.22), while Povidone- iodine has weak effect(278.8± 1.71). The superior effect on Staphylococcus aureus is by procaine penicillin(148±25.99), and Povidone- iodine ( 220±20.81), While Henna has weak effect (278.8± 1.71). While the moderate effect on Streptococcus zooepidemicus is by Henna(70± 7.93) and Povidone- iodine(240.33±32.64), while procaine penicillin has weak effect(180.66± 2.33). The fertility rates of the treatment groups are ( henna solution 20%, 91.66%, procaine penicillin solution, 66.66%, and Povidone- iodine solution, 58.33%) respectively. The pregnancy rates of the treatment groups are (henna solution 20%, 100%, procaine penicillin solution , 58.33%, and Povidone- iodine solution , 33.33%) respectively. The fertility rates of the treatment groups are ( G1, 91.66%, G2, 66.66%, and G3, 58.33%) respectively. The pregnancy rates of the treatment groups are (G1, 100%, G2, 58.33%, and G3, 33.33%) respectively All the results are significant statistically atP≤0.05.According to our results, we conclude that henna solution has beneficial therapeutic effect as uterine flushing for the most common causative bacteria in mares uterine. These results are very useful for veterinarians who are deal with horses health.

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