Comparative histological study of protective effect of oil and alcoholic extracts of dry palm dates and leaves ( Phoenix dactylifera L) against CCL4 induced oxidative stress in rats

Saadia saleh mehdy Al-zeiny, Duraid Abedulhadi Abbas


A study was performed to investigate the protective effect of different extracts of alcoholic and oil of leave and dry date of ( Phoenix dactylifera) against oxidative stress induced by CCL4 at a dose of 100 mg/kg given orally daily to five treated groups (CCl4 control (+ve) , alcoholic extract of leave (150 mg/kg) , alcoholic extract of dry date (100 mg/kg) , oil extract of leave and date (250 mg/kg), also two control dosed with vehicles (distal water and corn oil) were used . At the end of two months experiment the animal scarified and histopathological sections of selected organs were examined for all rat groups including ( liver, kidney and spleen). The result showed in CCL4 group (shrinkage of glomerular renal tubular , necrosis of epithelial cell lining renal tubule, congested blood vessel, interstitial fibrosis in kidney while liver cell showed necrosis of hepatocyte, vacuolar degeneration, sever central fatty change , congested of blood vessel and fibrosis. No lesion absorved in spleen of all groups while less kidney and liver cell lesion were observed in groups treated by by oil of dry date and leave extracts indicating partial protection by such extract against oxidative stress induce by CCL4. No histological lesion were observed in kidney and liver of groups treated with methanolic dry date and leave extract that indicate complete protection of these extract against oxidative stress induced by CCL4
Aim of study: To study the histopathological effects and compare the antioxidant of different palm dry date and leave extracts against CCL4 induce oxidative stress in rats

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