Detection of E. coli, as a contaminant of minced meat in certain locations of Baqubah city-Diyala Province-Iraq

Raad Jabbar hammadi


This survey investigated the prevalence of Escherichia coli (E.coli)in raw minced beef meat collected from different areas of Baqubah city in Diyala Province for detection of contamination with E.coli. A(90) samples were collected at (10)samples from each area in Baqubah city.and different dilutions were made for each one (10-1 , 10-2 , 10-3 ,10-4 ).
These sample were pour onto MacConkey Agar and thenstreak onto eosin methylene blue agar(EMB) plates.The results was shown presence of high contamination ratio of the microbial isolation from minced beef meat of E.coli bacteria in different areas of Bagubah city. with positive ( 76.85% ),while negative (23.1%).

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