Diagnostic study of internal parasites in camels of Al- diwaniya government

Azhar chaffat karawan


This study was carried out to detect the prevalence of intestinal parasites of camels in Diwanyiah city in 2016 by faecal examination. . A total of 110 faecal samples were examined, among them,95 camels were found infected with intestinal parasites by one or more species with percentage reach to 86.36% , Fasciola spp was maximum (31%), followed by Eimeria spp (26%) ,Cryptosporidium spp (17.89%) ,Nematodirus spp(7.36%),Trichostrongylus spp (6.31%) ,Moneizia spp(5.26%) and Trichuris spp (3.1%).Due to the lack of available studies on infected the camales by internal parasites in Al- diwaniya government This study was conducted for the purpose of diagnosis of the most important internal parasites in camales.

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