Gestational variations in the metabolites of the fetal amniotic fluid and maternal blood serum in Iraqi ewes at different stages of pregnancy

Jodan, W.M, Al-Hamedawi, T.M


This study was conducted on 76 pregnant uteri were collected from 76 slaughter pregnant local Iraqi ewes (in different stages) in the Al-Shulla abattoirs/Baghdad province, the animals were intact in terms of health before slaughter and examined visually the genital tract after slaughter was natural and free from congenital malformations. This study performed from Dec. 2016 to Apr. 2017 , there ages range from 3-5 years. The aspiration of amniotic fluid was performed by using sterile syringe. The content of amniotic fluid which kept in a test tube while the maternal blood serum performed by sterile syringe from jugular vein before slaughter animals and kept in test tube and the serum was isolated after 24 hours from blood collection in -5ºC in refrigerator to determine the metabolites by using kits in spectrophotometer. The outcomes observed that the glucose was recorded significant differences (p˂0.05) in early pregnancy (amniotic fluid) & late pregnancy in maternal blood serum. But the total protein was significant highly(p˂0.05) in late pregnancy in amniotic & maternal blood serum , also urea and uric acid was recorded the same results which resembles of total protein. Finally the cholesterol was recorded non-significant in all stages of pregnancy in amniotic fluid but recorded highly significant (p˂0.05) in early pregnancy compared with late pregnancy in maternal blood serum. The outcomes recorded superior significant (p˂0.05 & p˂0.01) in all metabolites concentration related with maternal blood serum compared with amniotic fluid in different stages of pregnancy . In concluded that they recorded changes in metabolites related with different stages of pregnancy as well as the variations in concentration of metabolites were highly significantly in maternal blood serum compared with amniotic fluid and they considered one method of pregnancy diagnosis

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