631 The Effect of Serotonin on Leptin and Grelin Hormones Concentrations in Female Rats

Noaman I. M


This study was aimed to investigate the relationship of hyperserotoninemia on the adipose tissues performance and satiety status on thirty six female rats. Randomly divided into four groups that individually housed. The first group of six females as a short-term study were given daily serotonin (25 mg/kg) for a week and six controls received saline subcutaneously. Long-term treatment study included 12 females given daily serotonin injections for 3 months vs. 12 controls given saline. The results show significantly decreased in body weights after 7 days and 3 months serotonin injection with mean (200 ± 9.31 g vs. controls 224 ± 11.9 g, p = 0.003 and 234 ± 7.12 g vs. controls 246 ± 14.8 g, p = 0.025 respectively). Plasma leptin were significantly decreased in the rats syringe with serotonin after short-term (133±32.0 vs. controls 208±58.4 pg/ml; p = 0.029) and long-term treatment (172 ± 35.6 vs. controls: 234 ± 60.5 pg/ml; p = 0.007), whereas ghrelin concentrations were unaffected. Consequently, hyperserotoninemia results in low concentrations of plasma leptin with unaffected ghrelin concentrations that may explains a direct serotonin influence on adipose tissues with a significant reduction in body weights of rats vs. controls

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