Effects of two dose of pomegranate peels powder on some physiological characteristic and libido in the Iraqi Awassi rams

Zeaid imad Hamad, Atheer salih Mahdi, Ali Hussein Mohammed


Current research studied the effect of two different dose of pomegranate peels powder 20 mg and 40 mg / week / head / on Iraqi Awassi  rams, with age  2.5 years and for the period from 29 -October - 2014 to 10-December – 2014.

Nine of Awassi rams divided randomly into three groups, as follows: control group which given tap water, second group given 20 mg/ week / head /, and the third group given 40 mg/ week / head .

Blood sample collected for measuring the concentration of hemoglobin, and calculate the total number of red blood cells RBCs, and white blood cells WBCs.

The weights of the three experimental groups measured at the start of the experiment and at the end of the experiment by scales used for large animals.

The results show a significant increase (p<0.05) found in weight at the sixth week of the experiment. While there is no significant differences in the characteristics of blood, the study measured; (hemoglobin, RBCs number, WBCs number), while the libido tested at the end of the experiment. The second and third groups exceeded significantly in (responding time to the first leap, and the responding time to the first Coitus, the number of leaps and the number coitus within 20 minutes.

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