Molecular and Clinical investigation of lumpy skin disease in cattle in AL .Qadissiyia province

Khalefa Ali Mansour, Hassan Hachim Naser, Asaad jassim


In the present study describes the clinical, histological, and molecular diagnosis of lumpy skin disease (LSD) which prevalence as Outbreak in AL -Qadissiyia province. Sixteen cases suspected infection with (LSD)  in cattle depending  on the clinical signes which appear clearly   in diferent area in AL -Qadissiyia province. All suspected  animals were clinically examined and a tentative  diagnosis of LSD was done upon noticing  of typical clinical signs . Specimens (skin biopsies) were collected from nodular skin lesions of infected  animals  for histopathological examination then the PCR assay  was performed to confirm the found of disease in the suspected cases . The result of The physical and clinical examination revealed atypical clinical manifestation of  (LSD) .histopathological result showed characteristic pathological change. The results of PCR  (conventional PCR )technique for detection of specific primer P23 antigen gene (720bp)of( LSD)virus showed  14 out of 16 were positive result from collected samples .

In conclusion the lumpy skin disease is wide spread in a AL -Qadissiyia province and the disease have a typical and characteristic clinical ,histopathological features that used in tentative diagnosis .PCR technique was rapid ,sensitive and specific for detection of the  (LSD)virus and confirmative diagnosis ofdisease.

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