Clinical evaluation for the diuretic effect of the alcoholic extract of Trigonella faenum- gracum seeds (fenugreek) on rabbits

Lafta F. AL-atwi


Fenugreek seeds has a wide range of pharmacological activities like hypoglycemic, hypolipidemic , galactogogue and diuretic activities. Most of these effects have been well studied. However there is no separate study that evaluate the diuretic effect of fenugreek. Therefore, this study was designed to evaluate clinically the diuretic effect of this herb. Fenugreek extract has been compared with equal volume of distilled water each has been given to a group of five healthy adult male albino rabbits. Both serum and 24-hr urine samples then analyzed weekly for electrolytes level, osmolality and pH for four weeks. It has been found that fenugreek, caused a significant increases in sodium and potassium excretion with a significant reductions in osmolality with respect to the control group. It had a significant hypocalciuric effect, in respect to the control group.. Serum values of sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, pH and osmolality did not reveal any significant change compared with the control values. It was concluded that fenugreek has a very powerful diuretic effect and this effect is thiazide-like regarding urine flow and urine composition of electrolytes.

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