Aspiration pump for oocyte recovery from cow's ovaries

Ammar R. Mansoor


    The purpose of this study was to improve  application of a new tool for ova or oocyte aspiration from ruminants ovaries . The bovine ovaries used as a model for oocyte recovery . The system were consisted from the following parts ; 1) Aspiration pump ; 2) Manometer as pressure measurements ; 3) Connection plastic tube for air aspiration ; 4) Pressure regulation ; 5) Container for ova collection ; 6) Plastic tube for transport of follicular fluid containing oocyte ; 7) Gauge 18 needle . The system were applied on 26 bovine ovaries , were collected from Al Ramadi slaughter house during the period from Nov. ,2009 to the end of Jan. 2010 . The percent of the recovered oocyte 2.2 ova / for each ovary . The percent  of good , Fair , Poor  grad  oocyte were 66.7% , 14% and 19.3% respectively . It was concluded that we can use this system in ova collection with high success rate .

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