Actinomycin- Production Assay: A simple Bacteriological Method For Antitumor Activity Screening In Vitro

Rajaa A. Hussein


    We present and evaluate the actinomycin-production assay, a bacterial test for detecting DNA-damaging agents as a primary step for detecting the antitumor activity of new synthesized, modified or isolated compounds. It’s a simple  test based on the activity of the agents against actinomycin antibiotic production of Streptomyces antibioticus, bacteria whose value is monitored by the inhibition activity of  E. coli and S. aureus bacterial growth using two standard anticancer drugs cisplatin and flurouracil. In this assay, production of actinomycin antibiotic is measured as a specific indication of the ability of an agents to directly or indirectly damage DNA and that are of potential interest in carcinogenesis and cancer chemotherapy.

    Because in vivo tumor test systems using mammalian cell cultures were slow and expensive, we tested a novel cytotoxicity test, simple, sensitive, inexpensive and amenable to large-scale screening using bacteria cultures, as well as, it will offer another practical application in addition to cytotoxicity screening, the assay is used for testing antibacterial of the test compounds.

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