Protective Effect of Petroselinum crispum(parsley)extract on histopathological changes in liver ,kidney and pancreas induced by Sodium Valproate- In male Rats

Adnan M. Jassim


    The present study was done to investigate the protective effect parsley extract against liver ,kidney ,pancreas damage induced by sodium valoproate in rats,The protective effect of alcoholic parsley extract against toxicity induced by sodium valproate (SVP) in male rats was studied. These experiment was carried out along 7 weeks, twenty four male rats divided into three equal groups. Group (1) was kept as normal control (given vehicle), while rats of group (2) were given orally SVP in a dose of 500 mg/kg /day. While group (3) protected by parsley extract dose of  200 mg/kg /day and receive orally SVP in a dose of 500 mg/kg /day for 7 weeks at end of experiment animal were scarified and tissue of liver ,kidney and pancreas were isolated for study histopathological  changes .

    The histopathological changes of liver reveal  mild degree of steatosis reflected by micro vacuoles of the cytoplasm , Loss of normal arraying of hepatocytes indicates mild degree of liver atrophy ,   central vein.  Focal liver necrosis,  the dead cells are replaced by leukocytic infiltration .The histopathological changes of kidney tissue treated with valproate  reveal  The proximal  and the distal convoluted tubules show hydropic changes(small white vacules within the cytoplasma and The glomeruli show hypercellularity. More ever  study reveal there is no histopathological changes could be detected in pancreas except there is interstitial edema in animal treated with valproic acid.

    Conclusion: Petroselinum crispum(parsley) exhibited significant anti-hepatotoxic activities and protective activity on kidney damage induced by valoproic  acid .

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