Assessment of Postnatal Women's Satisfaction Regarding the Nursing Care in the Obstetric Hospitals in Mosul City

Yamama Zuhair Abdulkarim


Background: the satisfaction of women has considered as a significant pointer of the services quality that provided by the professional of health care. Postnatal women satisfaction upon the services and care of nursing is useful and important for the agencies of health care because nurses present the majority of health care and provide the nursing care 24 hours a day for women.

Aim of study: The aim of the current study is to assess the postnatal women's satisfaction regarding the nursing care in the obstetric hospitals in Mosul city.

Methodology: A descriptive design was carried-out from 15th of November 2013 to 15th April 2014, and conducted in two hospitals in the Mosul city (Al-Batool and Al-Khanssa) teaching hospitals. A random sample was used for selecting (300) participation. The questionnaire research is corrected by (11) of college of nursing experts. The reliability of the questionnaire estimated through coefficient correlation method which indicates 0.89. The data were analyzed using a descriptive and inferential statistical analysis.

Conclusions: the study concludes that it is generally no satisfaction of postnatal women in several aspects of nursing care in gynecological hospitals in Mosul city.

Recommendation: the current study recommends that program and training courses should be done for nurses to advance their information and training aspect and improve their communication skills with the patients to present a significant level of nursing care to improve the patients’ satisfaction in general. The outcomes of the present study will send to the Nineveh Health Directorate to get them in view.

Keyword: Postnatal, women, Satisfaction, Nursing care. 

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