Knowledge of Displaced Women in Relation to Family Planning in Kirkuk City

Darya Yassin Mustafa


 Background: Family planning method which is safe and effective for every woman makes her able to protect her and her children health. More than half of the couples in developing world are using family planning to delay space or limit future pregnancy.

Aim of study: Assessment of displaced women's knowledge regarding family planning in Kirkuk city.

Methodology: A descriptive study design, (non-probability purposive sample) of (200) displaced women were include. The study carried out from period of 23 March 2016 to 24 December 2017 in order to achieve the objectives of the present study. A constructed questionnaire was designed consisted of four parts socio-demographic characteristics, type of family planning used by displaced women, and women's knowledge about family planning and sources of family planning. Data were analyzed by , descriptive statistics , which includes frequency and percentage to show the distribution .and (mean of score and grand mean of score).  By Statistical Package SPSS, version 20.0 was used for all data manipulation and statistical analysis   .

Results: The findings of the study demonstrate that 80/200 (40%) of women were aged between of (25 - 34) and 56/200 (28%) of them graduated from primary school, 138/200 (69%) were housewife and. The study indicated that131/200 (65.5%) had (less than five) children. About90/200 (45%) of women had (11-20) years of marriage, 131/200 (69%) of them had regular menstrual cycle about121/200 (60.5%) of sample had above two years interval between pregnancy.

Conclusions: Adequate knowledge regarding benefits and complications of family planning. In addition, contraceptive pills were the most method used by the mothers and obtaining the family planning method from the private pharmacies.

Recommendation: the researcher recommended increasing the displaced women's knowledge and awareness about family planning method through increase education programs in public hospitals and health center by specialized health care staff 

Key word: displaced women, knowledge, and family planning.

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