Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplant (FUE) For Treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia in Al Najaf City.

Dr. Mohammad J. AL Abdullah Dr. Murtadha Hashim Al-Janabi


Background: This study was done to treat patients with androgenetic alopecia by using a new procedure, follicular unit extraction.

Aim of study: To evaluate the efficacy and safety of Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplant in the treatment of androgenic alopecia patients

Methodology: The consultation establishes whether the patient is a candidate or not for hair transplantation. A complete history, including the age of onset, previous hair transplants, and scalp surgeries as well as scar formation, also medical, smoking, family and hair loss history were obtained. These patients were followed up to look for the time period of initiation of hair growth, the growth achieved at the end of 3–6 months and any adverse events. The results of patients with noticeable improvement in the photographs and patient satisfaction were recorded at 3&6 months after the procedure.

Results: Thirty-five patients were treated with this new procedure. The hair growth started after three months and density of hair increase after six months. Three patients (8%) developed postural hypotension immediately postoperative and improve by changing position. Slight pain and burning sensation at donor site were recorded in all patients and relieved by taking simple analgesia.

Conclusion: This is a new procedure for treating hair loss in males with androgenic alopecia, that does not leave scars and it is appealing satisfied for both patient and doctor.

Recommendations: we recommend the application of procedure for larger group of patients to assess their effectiveness.

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